What our clients are saying

“Thank you so much Candace! I really appreciate everything you have done for me. I did get the position we discussed on the phone, they mentioned my resume was impressive. “

Rodney, Construction Manager 

“I am so glad I found you on the Internet, the service you provide me with is second to none. You are so easy to talk to … Your results and turnaround time are top-notch. Thanks for everything.”

Albert S – Chief Executive Officer, New York

“I didn’t think I needed help writing my resume, but when I saw what you did with it, I was amazed…and totally convinced that I made the right decision when I hired you. Thanks.”

Judith M, Richmond, BC,  Interior Painter

“Candace, thank you. Started my new job yesterday!! Interviewer commented on the great resume.”

Allen G, Dawson Creek, BC Pipe fitter 

“I never needed a resume before. In the past I got a job by filling out an application. The resume you wrote for me is great, and the company I went to work for commented that it was the best resume they have ever seen.”

Ken P, Calgary, AB, Carpenter 

“Candace, I just wanted to phone and say thanks. I received an office position and the hours are Monday to Friday, making $4.00 more per hour. This beats the waitress position I have by a long shot. Once again my family thanks you.”

Bev M, Toronto, ON

“I wanted to thank you for your help, and please accept my praise for your skill and exceptional people skills. You made me feel comfortable and have given me the self-confidence I was lacking.”

Glenda M, Yellowknife, NWT, Sales Associate

“I find your service is an excellent value. I will recommend you to anyone looking for a professional resume and interview assistance.”

James P, Vancouver, BC, Electrician. 

“Now I know why you call yourself a professional resume writer. This is a piece of art.” 

Amy R, Grande Prairie, AB, Homemaker in Transition.

“Candace, I would refer you to anyone. You truly care about your client’s success. You are so easy to talk to.”

Vaughn R, Prince George, BC, Welder. 

 “I have wanted to be a Teacher’s Aide for 7 years and finally with the resume, cover letter, and interview coaching my dream has come true.” 

Bethany W, Medicine Hat, AB, Homemaker to Teacher’s Aide.

And the list goes on…


Canadace DaviesCandace Davies, President

Dual-Certified Professional Résumé Writer

Certified Employment Interview Professional

Certified Electronic Career Coach

Associate Certified Career Coach


U.S./Canadian clients call toll-free: (877) 738 – 8052

Local/International clients call (780) 513-0010