Searching for Jobs Online – What to Expect

Finding jobs online is fast becoming the norm, with millions of people every year using the Internet to conduct their job searches. Most companies now prefer using the Internet and online job boards to find new employees. As a result, this is often the only way companies will allow prospective employees to apply for positions.

Many companies now require that you submit your resume package online. Most of us are now required to conduct online job searches instead of traditional door-to-door ones.

One of the most common job-hunting strategies requires you to post your resume or reply to job ads on job boards.

It is essential to follow several job boards to better your chances of finding available positions in your field. This will allow you to find diverse job opportunities to apply to and increase your chances of being called for an interview. You will be using more positions, in addition to online job boards, like Workopolis or Indeed, or LinkedIn job search. Most companies also have a career opportunities page right on their website.

So if there are specific companies that you’d like to work for, make sure you check their websites often for new job opportunities in your field. You can send an unsolicited email to a company to find out whether they are hiring and attach your resume to the email. Many companies choose not to advertise their job postings, which could be a great way to get your foot in the door.

When submitting your application online, there are different rules than sending a resume conventionally through the mail. Suppose they ask that you send a simple email. In that case, all you need to do is attach the requested documents and send a polite and concise email to the hiring organization explaining the position you are applying for and which records you have enclosed. Before sending that email, ensure your attached documents are in the correct format.

Many people use Microsoft Word, so the .doc format is preferential. However, some versions of Word are not compatible with all operating systems. Therefore, you should save your documents in Rich Text Format (.rtf). Most, if not all, plans can recognize and read a .rtf.

Online Job SearchWhen searching for jobs online and you are asked to submit your resume and cover letter to a website, there are some things to consider. If you are asked to directly upload your documents to the page, adhere to the same caution as mentioned above, mainly if you are using a Mac computer – some versions of Mac programs are not PC-friendly.

Another option you may be given when uploading to a webpage is copying and pasting in your resume and possibly a cover letter.

If this is the case, remove formatting such as bold, italics, underline, borders, frames, etc. They do not translate well in many of the online programs. One method for overcoming this and shortening the time it takes to erase your formatting is saving your original documents in Text Format (.txt) and pasting that version into the online program. Text Format can also be used instead of Rich Text when emailing or uploading resumes.

When submitting your documents via a separate webpage, ensure you have also filled out all other required information. Some organizations ask that you fill out the information about past positions and cut and paste your resume.

This may seem repetitive or redundant, but ensure you follow their directions precisely. After your resume is sent, you may receive a confirmation on that website or via email. If you do not, wait a few days, contact the company, and ask if your documents have been received. It is okay to explain that you are unsure if there was a technical malfunction and you wanted to double-check that your resume made it through since this position is so important to you.

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