Finding an Oil field Job in Alberta

So you have decided to find an oil field job in Alberta. Before you begin you begin your job search, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The competition for oil field jobs is tough in Alberta.
  • There are many remote locations you could be sent to.
  • The workload can really vary, as it is dependent on weather conditions, oil availability, government restrictions, etc.
  • The main downtime for the rigs is in spring (called “spring breakup”) when road bans are in effect and it is too difficult to move the heavy machinery.
  • The hours can be long and you might be away from your family and friends for weeks at a time.
  • The weather conditions can be severe, ranging from -50C cold to +30C heat.
  • The lowest positions in the oil field usually involve the most physical labor.
  • There are no excuses for poor attitude or job performance, it can lead to being terminated/fired on the spot.
  • The housing conditions are different, ranging from camp to non-camp (hotel, apartment, shared house rental).

However, an oil field job can have many positives benefits as well.

  • The pay is good, and it increases drastically as a person climbs the job totem pole.
  • The chance to work in different locations and see various areas of Alberta (Southern, Central, and Northern, with most of the work being concentrated around Fort McMurray/Athabasca Oil Sands).
  • The opportunity to bond with co-workers on the rig.
  • The chance to network with Tool Pushers/Rig Managers to land jobs with other rigs, in other locations, or overseas.
  • The stretches of days off between rotations, i.e. two weeks on, two weeks off; 20 days on; 20 days off.
  • The incredible opportunity to get into great physical shape and develop strong related skills.

After you have determined whether or not the Alberta oil field is the right place for you, it is time to begin your job search. You will be looking for an entry-level position (i.e. Lease Hand, Floor Hand, or Roughneck) with one of the companies (Note: if you prove yourself with hard work, dedication, and common sense, it does not take long to move up in the ranks). Here are a few sites you can search for an oil field job in Alberta:

Searching for

Once you have conducted a basic job search through the company’s website, you will need to submit your application and/or resume online. Make sure your resume is up-to-date, reflects your hard-working nature, demonstrates related skill sets, highlights prior work experience, and conveys your ability to work in even the harshest of conditions (hours and weather included). If you feel that your resume could use a helping hand, this is a good time to hire a Professional Resume Writer with over 12 years experience writing resumes and cover letters for construction and oil field jobs. The money you spend to have your job application documents done properly will pay off in no time once you land a good-paying oil field job in Alberta.