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Nowadays you need a professional resume writing service to develop your resume and cover letter if you’re expecting any competition in your job search! That’s it! That is the “secret” to getting more interviews, excellent job offers plus a higher starting salary. As a professional resume writer specializing in blue collar worker for 12+ years I assure you I can help you with this getting the career results you deserve and desire.

Years ago construction, oilfield, forestry, miners or other trades workers didn’t require a resume or cover letter. They simply filled out an application at the job site – many didn’t even have to do that, because they were hired by someone they knew.

But in today’s competitive job marketplace, things have changed. Today, if you want the interview you need a resume and cover letter that is custom tailored to take you to the next level. As you climb up your career ladder this becomes increasingly true.

There’s really no way around it in the 21st Century. Many employers are demanding that you submit a resume and cover letter before they consider hiring you. Unfortunately, thanks to all the competition not just any old resume will do, you need one that stands out from the crowd. Your resume and cover letter needs to shine in order to make a great first impression; this is what makes you stand out from the competition.

In short, if you are here you probably need a resume prepared by All Trades Resume Writing.

Candace DaviesMy name is Candace Davies, I have helped trades and construction worker online for 12+ years. As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified Employment Interview Professional, Certified Electronic Career Coach, and an Associate Certified Career Coach helping trades workers secure positions they deserve and desire.

With the help of my custom resume development worksheets which contains a number of questions to extract your best qualities and accomplishments that target the position. I will then use this information to create a resume and cover letter that is strong, compelling and sure to capture the reader’s attention.

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“An Outstanding Service – Candace will meet or exceed your highest expectations as a professional writer. Her writing style, prompt response time, and quick turnaround, are exemplary. Her professionalism is second to none.”

Marc Romero, North Carolina, US

“Candace, I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism and outstanding people skills. I have never met you, but you seem so willing to help. You created a powerful resume that was wonderfully formatted – never knew I could look so good on paper”.

“Also thanks for preparing me for the ‘big’ interview; your guidance helped me land the job. I will highly recommend you – worth every penny. You are truly genuine”.

Bruce D – Engineer Consultant. Texas, U.S.

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 Does Hiring a Professional Resume Writer Makes Sense?

We know how to create carefully planned, employer-focused, visually-appealing, resumes and cover letters that showcase your strengths and accomplishments and paint a picture of what incredible value you would bring to the company.

Your resume will contain all the relevant industry keywords and buzz words to ensure it doesn’t end up in the “no” pile. The resume has to grab the reader’s attention. Think of it this way – when you go shopping, chances are, you make a purchase because you have seen the product advertised and it is appealing to you.

This is the way your resume should be presented, as an advertisement that highlights your relevant skills, accomplishments, and answers the employer’s questions.

You would hire an electrician for your electrical work, a plumber for you plumbing work, or a lawyer to do legal work so it makes sense to hire a professional resume writer for to write your resume and cover letter.

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