Submitting Resumes for Jobs in the Athabasca Oil Sands

Since jobs in the Athabasca Oil Sands are based primarily on oil extraction, you will need to customize your resume specifically for these oil field jobs. Many of the companies that operate in Fort McMurray and the surrounding area will require you to build an online job portfolio and/or submit an electronic resume. When uploading your resume (and possibly cover letter) to the company website, make certain that the document is in a readable format (.pdf, .txt., .doc, or whatever the website may specify).

One of the first things you need to do before applying for a job in the Athabasca Oil Sands is to conduct an in-depth job search. Oilfield companies maintain their own websites and have a section devoted entirely to different careers and positions they are hiring for. You may choose to either conduct a basic search or an advanced search on the website. A basic job search allows you to choose a desired Job Field and Location. An advanced job search contains parameters such as Job Type, Job Level, Schedule, Shift, Education, Amount of Travel, and so on. You can also search by Keyword.

After you have narrowed down the type of job you wish to target, you will need to fill out an online application.  More often than not, you will be asked to build a personal job account first. Once your personal profile/account has been set up, you can start applying for positions. You will be asked to enter your contact information (name, address, home phone/cellphone number, email address), upload a resume, select the highest level of education you have earned, give details of your work experience, click off relevant skills, select when and where you want to work, etc. The order of these steps can vary depending on the company, and not all may be required. Be prepared to spend 30-90 minutes completing the online application, with many of the steps seeming repetitious of the information you provided in your resume.

Use your online portfolio and resume to demonstrate you meet and/or exceed the organization’s requirements, and would be an asset to the company. Furthermore, by utilizing industry buzzwords in your resume and cover letter, you will enable the online filter to pick up on your profile; thus putting you ahead of the other applicants.

Once you have submitted your required documents, you will need to wait for a phone call or emailed response from the company you applied with. However, use this opportunity to be proactive and aggressive in the job search. Apply for more than one job with more than one company, ensuring you have a better chance of landing a job in the oil field. Depending on the company, you may be required to attend an in-person interview or conduct one over the phone. After you pass the interview stage, you will be asked to undergo a drug-screening, ensuring you are a drug-free individual. Most organizations also hold drug-screening tests on a regular basis to make certain that their employees are able to be productive and efficient workers.